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Smoke Tip ReviewI recently came across an electronic cigarette that was new to me called SmokeTip. This e cigarette offers so many valuable benefits that it was almost silly not to give them a try. So I did.

I ordered the SmokeTip Starter Kit, and just received it in the mail. It came with 2 batteries, 5 flavor cartridges of your choice (the SmokeTip is a disposable electronic cigarette), a wall adapter, and a USB charger.

The company does offer a refillable electronic cigarette, they call it the SmokeTank. I will probably give that one a try a little later.

I ordered the Grape flavored cartridge, and I really like it. It has a nice hit, and does not make my throat burn like some of the other e cigs.

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Never Buy A Replace Battery Ever Again

What drew my attention, and actually what forced me to order was their warranty. If you have been following my site, chances are you have read my post about why having more than one battery is a must. So, with that in mind, they offer a lifetime replacement of batteries. If your battery stops working, they will send you out a brand new one with your next cartridge purchase. To me, that’s a no-brainer.

Get Something Free With Every Order

Every single time you place an order (exclusions do apply), you will get something for free. For example, at the time of this writing, you could get:

  • A free white battery when you purchase 3 ten packs
  • A free battery, wall charger, and USB when you purchase 6 ten packs, or
  • A free 16mg starter kit when you purchase 10 ten packs

Just one 10-pack is the equivalent to 1.25 cartons of cigarettes at about 1/4 the cost.

No Need To Hunt Down Coupon Codes For Shipping

SmokeTip offers every day free shipping, so you never have to pay to have it shipped right to your door. I received my package today, 2 days after placing my order (which I placed on a Thursday).

SmokeTip Refills Are a Bargain

The refills are very reasonable, and the more you purchase from one order, the cheaper they are. One refill, which is the 10-pack that I mentioned above is is only $19.95. Can you imaging buying a carton of Marlboro’s for $19.95? And you get even more from one refill than you would get from an entire carton of cigarettes.

When you place your Smoke tip refill order, you can elect to have just one flavor, or select the different assortment packages that they offer to get a better variety. When I order again, I will definitely try one of the Fruit & Cafe Assortment.

Click here to go to the official SmokeTip website and check out everything they are offering with your purchase.

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