Skittles E Juice – Post Inspired by Britney Spears

What Does Britney Spears Have to Do With Skittles E Juice?

I want some skittlesThat’s a good question! Frankly, for most, she has absolutely nothing to do with the vaping world. With that said, she did inspire me to write this review of Skittles flavored e juice.

Why? I happened to be watching a documentary on her preparations to begin her Vegas show, and during one of the interviews, the lights went out, and everyone was just sitting around. It happened to be her birthday, and from what I can gather, she loves Skittles because she snacked on them while she was waiting for the lights to come back on to complete the interview.

So, Why Am I Telling You About a Documentary?

It got me thinking that I had never written a review about one of my absolute favorite flavors of e juice – Skittles! Obviously, the vape juice vendors cannot name their juices after a brand name, but the flavor is that of the famous fruit flavored candy. If you have read my post about the best e liquids, you would know that candy and drink flavors are by far my 1st choice – always.

Where Did I Find the Best Skittles E Liquid?

One of my frequently visited places to buy e liquid is an online vendor. They carry hundreds of different flavors, and it is where I found the flavor called Rainbow Candy E Juice.

It literally has the flavor of Skittles. I like the candy flavors because they are not too harsh, and they taste good. Below is a chart of the different sizes and how much they are.

Skittles E Juice Sizes and Price


Skittles Flavored Ejuice



10 ml


30 ml


50 ml


If you click on the prices above, it will take you to the page where you can learn more. They do offer free shipping if you spend at least $50.00, and also provide same day shipping if you order before noon Monday-Friday. That’s a pretty good deal.


If you have ever purchased your vape juice from a local store, you are probably aware that the above prices are much lower. I found the Skittles flavor at my local e cig store, it’s called Rainbow Drops there, and they want $13.00 for the 30 ml bottle. I was in a pinch, so I did purchase it, but from now on, I will make sure to order my supply in advance.