What Are The Necessities To Vaping?

Unlike an actual cigarette, where you really just need a flame to light it, electronic cigarettes are a bit different.

The Bare Essentials For Just Starting Out

What makes it work is the battery. This is first and foremost. You then need a cartridge, (this is where the flavor comes from), and a charger to keep you smoking.

This is where most people who are just trying them start out, as this type of e-cig resembles a real cigarette.  An important note is that if you are using these to try and quit smoking, I highly recommend getting two batteries just in case one goes bad on you.  That would really suck!

Starter Kit

The image to your right are the bare-bones of what you need to start.

I started with the Blackjack starter kit.

You can read about my experience here.

Once you get used to an e cigarette, you may want to bump up to refilling your own, but we’ll cover that another time.

How Does It Work?

The type we are talking about here just requires that you attach the cartridge to the battery, make sure it is charged, and inhale as you would a normal cigarette.  Some batteries require you to push a button while inhaling, buy many of the starter kits will not.

You can buy different levels of nicotine. This particular device kit comes with a choice of high, medium, low, or no nicotine.  Just in case you care, I started with the high nicotine, but found that medium was just as fulfilling,

When you inhale, and atomizer located inside the battery creates a vapor, which comes from the cartridge.

The one thing that I did not like about the cartridges is that you had no idea when it was running low, until it was about gone, so just make sure you buy a few cartridge packs when getting started.

It is very similar to smoking a cigarette with the exception that it is vapor, and not smoke.

In summary, if you are a regular smoker, it is an adjustment just like any other habit that you are trying to change.  Give it time, and see how it works for you.





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