The Truth About Electronic Cigarette Reviews

With all of the reviews on electronic cigarettes, we at E-CigInsider want you to know that our reviews are real. FROM real people, TO real people.

We also want you to know that if you find an electronic cigarette that we have not reviewed, please leave a comment for a review request, and we will see what we can do to get it done.

If you are have been a “regular” smoker for a long time, chances are, you have doubts about the ability to switch over to an e cigarette. Trust me, I felt the exact same way. I just could not see anything being as fulfilling as smoking my Marlboro. And if I’m being honest, there is nothing like smoking a ‘real’ cigarette.

My choice to move to electronic cigarettes was initially made to try and save some cash by supplementing my habit. I then realized that if I really did enjoy smoking the electronic cigs, I might just be able to cut back more, or cut my Marlboro’s out completely, as I worry about the health risks involved with smoking traditional cigarettes that are filled with tobacco and toxic chemicals.

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