Monthly E Juice Subscription – The Best Service

Every time someone mentions a subscription, they are synonymously talking about convenience. With a monthly e juice subscription, it’s all about the convenience for the subscriber.

monthly e juice subscription serviceFrom the onset of e juicing, if I may put it so, many vendors took on the challenge to address the new and viral increase in the popularity of a new tobacco smoking alternative, namely, electronic cigarettes.

Touted to be healthier than the latter, smoking was forever revolutionized with thousands of smokers switching from the coveted yet dreaded cancer sticks. So in came the e liquid brewers, then the connoisseurs, and eventually a multi-million dollar e-juice industry.

It appeared that it couldn’t get any better until the opportunity for a monthly subscription from your favorite e-juice supplier became available.

The winner as decided by our editors’ reviews is ZampleBox. They have 3 subscription types to choose from, depending on your e juice needs.

Subscription Service Options From ZampleBox:

Platinum – This option includes 11 bottles, and gives a discount of 65%.

Gold – This option includes 6 bottles, and gives a discount of 60%.

Silver – This option includes 3 bottles, and gives a discount of 40%.

Not sure what subscription you need? No problem, they offer an option when you build your box to answer a few questions, and they will advise you on what subscription plan they feel will fit your needs.

As far as deciding what e juice flavors you want, if you are unsure, they have set up different options that are done for you, so you can just subscribe and enjoy.

Why all the rage about e juice subscription?

Convenience. That’s it! The main benefits that have fueled its popularity are:

Door Step delivery

Fierce competition between established vendors and ever increasing new entrants to the e juice subscription service has led to much-improved service delivery to the delight of users. Not only do they get to choose their desired flavors and mixes online, but also have them delivered to the door step in no time. ZampleBox will ship your e juice within 2 business days.

Variety of Flavors and Hits to Choose from

Subscription services have led to sharing of experiences by various users leading to a well-informed user pool. This has reduced or even removed the need to sample many products in order to find a desired taste. You can click here for our favorite e-juice flavors.

Competitive Deals and Savings

The availability of many market players has stiffened competition leading to competitively priced products. I don’t know about you but I am yet to meet someone who would forgo a bargain!

Tons of Quality Products to Choose from

A monthly e juice subscription service allows a user to know his budget and work within its limits. It is easier to plan for, and if it becomes an expense that you cannot afford, you simply cancel it at the touch of a button! No strings attached!