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My Favorite E-Liquid

monster energy vape juiceBefore we get into all of the different choices, I will share with you my all-time-favorite e-juice. This is the one that I smoke the majority of the time. It is Big Green NRG Machine  for those of you looking for a Monster Energy vape juice, it tastes like the Monster energy drink. I absolutely love this flavor, and have voted it the best e cigarette liquid for me.

There is also a Red Bull equivalent, which is called No Bull Energy Drink eJuice.

Here are some of the flavor categories that you can try:

Candy E-liquid

Gummy Bears E-JuiceThe candy flavor gives you a candy taste while vaping. If you are the kind of person that loves candy and cannot keep your hands off the stash, then this is the liquid for you.

From Gummy Bears, to Salted Caramel, you can vape these flavors all day without gaining an ounce! Check them out here.

Coffee and Tea Flavors

If you love the flavor of that cup of tea or coffee, then you might as well smoke it. These are e-liquids that are coffee and tea flavored. There are many different varieties in this category.

The Caramel Frappuccino E-Liquid is a favorite.

Menthol and Mint E-Juice

These e-liquids have the right concentration of the flavors in a way that you can’t help but to enjoy every smoke that you get. If you want that icy burst feel in your mouth, then these are the flavors for you. has a nice selection.

Desserts Juices For Your Sweet Tooth

I have different times when I prefer a dessert e-juice. Specifically, in the morning when I have my coffee. I am not sure why that is, but the flavors go hand-in-hand.

Strawberry Cream E-Liquid

One of my favorite dessert e-liquids is Strawberry Cream E Juice.

The Tobacco E-Juice

I have to admit that the tobacco flavors are not my favorite. When I first started smoking an electronic cigarette, I bought two flavors to start, and one of them was tobacco. I didn’t think it was too bad at the time, but once I discovered all of the other flavor varieties, I quickly changed my mind.

I only give you my opinions to help you decide what flavors might be right for you.

If you’re interested in checking out the tobacco e-liquid, you can go here.

I hope that this article has been helpful by sharing with you what my favorite flavors are.

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What is E-juice | E-Liquid?

We all know the cost of smoking traditional cigarettes, and the solution to saving some cash comes in the form of e-juice, also known as e-liquid. This is the liquid that is added to the cartridges of an electronic cigarette.

The juice is designed for vaporizing when attached to the battery. It primarily consists of three main agents, that is a component that is used to produce vapor, nicotine as the second component for the obvious reasons, and hundreds of flavors that are available to appeal to all tastes.

The agents that are used are either PG, known as propylene glycol, which is the most common, or VG, known as Vegetable Glycerin that is used for people who are allergic to PG. You should know whether you are allergic to PG before buying the liquid so that you get the right content in your bottle.

The liquid comes in varied strengths but mostly small, 30ml bottles. They come in varied flavors to please every type of smoker. The small bottles will allow you to enjoy several flavors without being committed to one in particular.

On the other hand, the strength is decided by the amount of nicotine in terms of the percentage that is contained in the bottle. Most e juice comes in the following nicotine strengths: 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, or 24 mg.

I would recommend starting at 12 mg, as I have tried the 18 and 24, and they seemed a little strong. That is just my opinion though. I was a pack a day smoker if that helps. If you are a 2 pack a day smoker, you may consider increasing the level of nicotine.

I have several friends who started at higher nicotine levels, and were able to gradually decrease the strength.

Why Do I Need E-Liquid?

E liquid gives you the advantage of having the taste you enjoy without many of the dangers that come with smoking. It is a controlled liquid with specific ingredients to be used with the rechargeable e-cigarette.

***Please note that you cannot use e-liquid with a disposable electronic cigarette. If you want to learn more about this type, check out our disposables page here.

You also have the convenience of using an e-cigarette that offers more than what an ordinary cigarettes offers. If you are the kind of person that has been trying to quit, or just looking to save money, then a rechargeable electronic cigarette may be just what you need.

How Many E-Juice Flavors Are There?

Answer: I have no idea! I am not going to sit and count them, but I can tell you that there are enough to keep you busy trying them out for a very long time.

There are a number of flavors that come in liquid form. You can try different liquids for very little cash until you find the best e-juice flavors.