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A disposable electronic cigarette is very similar to the traditional e cigarette with the exception that like a real cig, you throw it away when you’re done. This is the top reason that many people choose this type of smokeless cigarette over the two or three piece designs.

what is an ecigA regular e-cig is one that you refill and charge, therefore, using the same “battery” each time.

People choose between the two versions for many reasons:

One being that they like the feel of the disposable as it gives you the feeling of a good ole’ Marlboro, with the exception of all the carcinogens.

Secondly, and one of the biggest reasons is that throw-away cigarettes known as a disposables are readily available in most gas stations, super-stores, convenient marts, and drug stores.

These local shops for the most part carry the same brands, such a NJoy, Logic, Blu Cigs, and Fin to name a few. You can check out my FIN review if you’re interested.

They are not my favorites by any stretch, but I would pick up a pack if I needed to.

Looking At The Differences

All brands of electronic cigarettes are powered by battery. The batteries for a disposable are not rechargeable.

There is also no way to refill a cartridge for a disposable, hence the “throwing it away” reference. When you buy a new pack, you get a new battery. This is one of the plus sides to this design.

Although you cannot fill a disposable cigarette with liquid, you can change the atomizer which will alter the taste/flavor.

Cost of Disposables Vs. Cost of Rechargeables

If you’re in it for the long haul, I would recommend a rechargeable as you will get more for your money.

However, if you are just trying them out, the disposables are usually where most people start.  Once you get the feel for them, you can move on the the regular rechargeable electronic cigarettes.

Disposable Recommendation

Starfire Disposable Cigarettes starfire e cigarette

Available at www.starfirecigs.com

One pack includes 5 cartridges, each cartridge is equivalent to 1 pack of cigarettes. So you’re getting about 5 packs of cigarettes, so to speak, for about ten bucks!

In their line of disposables, you have a choice from 9 flavors, and 3 nicotine strengths.

***IMPORTANT NOTE   ——> If you are trying them for the first time, make sure to get a starter kit, otherwise, all you will have is the flavor cartridge with no battery. Note that a starter kit comes with 1 free pack of cartridges, and you choose the flavor and strength.