Monster Energy Vape Juice | Best E Juice Drink Flavor

Monster flavored vape juiceBig Green NRG Machine is an e juice inspired by the popular Monster Energy drink. I have a sad addiction to the energy drink itself, as it does give me a boost when I need a little energy to get me moving.

I happened to come across an energy drink e juice, and tried it out, but unfortunately, it did not taste like Monster at all, or any other energy drink for that matter.

I searched, and finally found Big Green NRG Machine, and for the price, I decided what the heck, I’ll give it a go.

Only $5.99 Per Bottle

buy monster vape juice


I liked it so much that it is now in my top 3 go-to vape juices. It has a sweet and somewhat sour flavor like lemon-lime juice, and the vendor makes it fresh when you order. It’s not sitting on a shelf somewhere getting old, so this was a plus for me.

If you are looking for more of our favorite e juice flavors, you can check them out here. You will discover flavors from many different categories from coffee, tobacco, candy, and more.

Our most recent review on vape juice was one that we discovered by chance. It is a fruit flavored juice which is flavored to taste like Skittles.



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Skittles E Juice – Post Inspired by Britney Spears

What Does Britney Spears Have to Do With Skittles E Juice?

I want some skittlesThat’s a good question! Frankly, for most, she has absolutely nothing to do with the vaping world. With that said, she did inspire me to write this review of Skittles flavored e juice.

Why? I happened to be watching a documentary on her preparations to begin her Vegas show, and during one of the interviews, the lights went out, and everyone was just sitting around. It happened to be her birthday, and from what I can gather, she loves Skittles because she snacked on them while she was waiting for the lights to come back on to complete the interview.

So, Why Am I Telling You About a Documentary?

It got me thinking that I had never written a review about one of my absolute favorite flavors of e juice – Skittles! Obviously, the vape juice vendors cannot name their juices after a brand name, but the flavor is that of the famous fruit flavored candy. If you have read my post about the best e liquids, you would know that candy and drink flavors are by far my 1st choice – always.

Where Did I Find the Best Skittles E Liquid?

One of my frequently visited places to buy e liquid is an online vendor. They carry hundreds of different flavors, and it is where I found the flavor called Rainbow Candy E Juice.

It literally has the flavor of Skittles. I like the candy flavors because they are not too harsh, and they taste good. Below is a chart of the different sizes and how much they are.

Skittles E Juice Sizes and Price


Skittles Flavored Ejuice



10 ml


30 ml


50 ml


If you click on the prices above, it will take you to the page where you can learn more. They do offer free shipping if you spend at least $50.00, and also provide same day shipping if you order before noon Monday-Friday. That’s a pretty good deal.


If you have ever purchased your vape juice from a local store, you are probably aware that the above prices are much lower. I found the Skittles flavor at my local e cig store, it’s called Rainbow Drops there, and they want $13.00 for the 30 ml bottle. I was in a pinch, so I did purchase it, but from now on, I will make sure to order my supply in advance.


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SmokeTip | Smoke Tip E Cig Review

Smoke Tip ReviewI recently came across an electronic cigarette that was new to me called SmokeTip. This e cigarette offers so many valuable benefits that it was almost silly not to give them a try. So I did.

I ordered the SmokeTip Starter Kit, and just received it in the mail. It came with 2 batteries, 5 flavor cartridges of your choice (the SmokeTip is a disposable electronic cigarette), a wall adapter, and a USB charger.

The company does offer a refillable electronic cigarette, they call it the SmokeTank. I will probably give that one a try a little later.

I ordered the Grape flavored cartridge, and I really like it. It has a nice hit, and does not make my throat burn like some of the other e cigs.

Buy Smoketip

Never Buy A Replace Battery Ever Again

What drew my attention, and actually what forced me to order was their warranty. If you have been following my site, chances are you have read my post about why having more than one battery is a must. So, with that in mind, they offer a lifetime replacement of batteries. If your battery stops working, they will send you out a brand new one with your next cartridge purchase. To me, that’s a no-brainer.

Get Something Free With Every Order

Every single time you place an order (exclusions do apply), you will get something for free. For example, at the time of this writing, you could get:

  • A free white battery when you purchase 3 ten packs
  • A free battery, wall charger, and USB when you purchase 6 ten packs, or
  • A free 16mg starter kit when you purchase 10 ten packs

Just one 10-pack is the equivalent to 1.25 cartons of cigarettes at about 1/4 the cost.

No Need To Hunt Down Coupon Codes For Shipping

SmokeTip offers every day free shipping, so you never have to pay to have it shipped right to your door. I received my package today, 2 days after placing my order (which I placed on a Thursday).

SmokeTip Refills Are a Bargain

The refills are very reasonable, and the more you purchase from one order, the cheaper they are. One refill, which is the 10-pack that I mentioned above is is only $19.95. Can you imaging buying a carton of Marlboro’s for $19.95? And you get even more from one refill than you would get from an entire carton of cigarettes.

When you place your Smoke tip refill order, you can elect to have just one flavor, or select the different assortment packages that they offer to get a better variety. When I order again, I will definitely try one of the Fruit & Cafe Assortment.

Click here to go to the official SmokeTip website and check out everything they are offering with your purchase.

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Two E-Cig Batteries Are A Must

two electronic cigarette batteriesI just wanted to share something that I talked about in my intro to e-cigs post a while back.

Yep, I did it. I went and lost my rechargeable electronic cigarette, and NO, I don’t have a backup.

I tried using the first e-cig I tried, which was from 21 Century Smoking. I have THREE batteries for that cigarette, and none of them will charge.

I had to resort to using my least favorite, which is the FIN cigarette.

Learned my own lesson today.

Hope you all have a better day than me.

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Njoy E-Cig Review |

Our Review of the Njoy Electronic Cigarette

The Njoy electronic cigarette  will give you a great product at cost effective rates. Take a look at our review for some of the striking features within this starter package, including a lithium battery, cartridges, and an atomizer.

—->> Click Here For Njoy Electronic Cigarette Choices

Njoy cigarettes have a resemblance to the traditional cigarettes. They however have a battery which is usually charged and can be replaced. Nowadays, the popularity for Njoy electronic cigarettes has expanded for the following reasons:

njoy e cigarette review

• When using these cigarettes, you will no longer be forced to smell those nasty ash trays since they do not produce ashes. And if you are a “green earth” type of person, this is an added benefit.

• E-cig smokers have an added advantage because they will not have to hide during social gatherings while vaping, as there is no odor, and no toxic chemicals.

• The Njoy cigarettes  have many flavors, depending on the manufacturer and this has been done with the main intention of satisfying every smokers likes and dislikes.

How Much Nicotine Is In Njoy Cigarettes?

There are various manufacturers for Njoy products, and this means the level of nicotine can vary from one user to the other. The flavor chamber is what determines the amount of nicotine that is being used.

In most cases, the menthol flavor has up to 3.0%, while the vanilla type normally contains 1.8%. The vaping experience with these products will generally take you to another level. Compared to the normal cigarettes, the Njoy E cigarette will save you  money since they are relatively cheaper. However, the total costs will also depend on where you live, and how much you smoke.

There have been many contrasting claims about the ingredients that make up the Njoy products; just know that they are much much safer than smoking a Marlboro.

It only takes propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin as well as flavors and nicotine itself to make the whole thing complete. It is for these reasons that a demand has increased for these cigarettes since they have proven to be much safer.

The main role of the propylene glycol is to provide the vapor and this will take you to a feeling almost like that of tobacco smoking. The vegetable glycerin on the other hand sustains the vapor as well as the flavor.

The nicotine and flavors are also what makes the big name. The users can choose flavors depending on their preferences. In fact, the menthol type gives the same taste as that of menthol itself. There are some users who prefer to go for the tobacco flavor (not my favorite) that mimics the traditional tobacco, though it does not have the poisonous substances or any kind of bitterness.

Is the Njoy Electronic Cigarette Safe?

There are many reasons why Njoy remains a better alternative. Apart from being safe, you will not stink, and it’s one less cigarette on the roads. You can enjoy vaping these cigarettes in the comfort of your office without irritating anyone (might want to check with your boss first though :).

The Njoy E cigarettes are very economical, they are light in weight, and are very convenient since you can easily travel along with them.

There are many places where you can purchase the Njoy products, especially on the online sites where you can place an order in the comfort of your room. For as long as you are over 18 years, you can purchase the Njoy products. However, these products are recommended for tobacco users since they act as a safer alternative.

Click Here For Njoy E Cig Products

I Don’t Smoke, Should I Try an Electronic Cigarette?

If you are a non-smoker thinking of taking up electronic cigarettes, DON’T! They do have nicotine, and therefore, could be just as addicting as an actual cigarette.

The whole reason for electronic cigarettes is to be an alternative for people who smoke actual cigarettes.  To my knowledge, there is no cigarette on the market that was made to help people quit smoking electronic cigarettes, and for that matter, just stay away.

Njoy is easy and quick to use.  Just make sure your battery is charged, and off you go.  I learned from the beginning to make sure it is charged.  There is no lighter in the world that is going to light up an e-cig, so make sure you plug it in.

The lifespan of these cigarettes revolves around a number of factors, the vaping pattern, and the way of maintenance as well as the manufacturer.

The features vary a great deal and you will only be safe if you stick to the original manufacturers that can guarantee you original products.

Another good thing is the availability of warranties that will give the users all the confidence and they are free to make claims within the stimulated time just in case something is out of order. These cigarettes are safer and economical.

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What Are The Necessities To Vaping?

Unlike an actual cigarette, where you really just need a flame to light it, electronic cigarettes are a bit different.

The Bare Essentials For Just Starting Out

What makes it work is the battery. This is first and foremost. You then need a cartridge, (this is where the flavor comes from), and a charger to keep you smoking.

This is where most people who are just trying them start out, as this type of e-cig resembles a real cigarette.  An important note is that if you are using these to try and quit smoking, I highly recommend getting two batteries just in case one goes bad on you.  That would really suck!

Starter Kit

The image to your right are the bare-bones of what you need to start.

I started with the Blackjack starter kit.

You can read about my experience here.

Once you get used to an e cigarette, you may want to bump up to refilling your own, but we’ll cover that another time.

How Does It Work?

The type we are talking about here just requires that you attach the cartridge to the battery, make sure it is charged, and inhale as you would a normal cigarette.  Some batteries require you to push a button while inhaling, buy many of the starter kits will not.

You can buy different levels of nicotine. This particular device kit comes with a choice of high, medium, low, or no nicotine.  Just in case you care, I started with the high nicotine, but found that medium was just as fulfilling,

When you inhale, and atomizer located inside the battery creates a vapor, which comes from the cartridge.

The one thing that I did not like about the cartridges is that you had no idea when it was running low, until it was about gone, so just make sure you buy a few cartridge packs when getting started.

It is very similar to smoking a cigarette with the exception that it is vapor, and not smoke.

In summary, if you are a regular smoker, it is an adjustment just like any other habit that you are trying to change.  Give it time, and see how it works for you.





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