How Safe Are Electronic Cigarettes?

E cigarettes are becoming very popular these days thanks to the various benefits they can offer to the users. The question, ‘are electronic cigarettes safe?’ seems to be the question that many people want answered.

As of the time of this writing, there is no sufficient evidence to say that electronic cigarettes are not safe.

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia.Com
             Image Courtesy of Wikipedia.Com

Two of the leading Cancer organizations in the country, The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), and the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), are calling for the regulation of e-cigarettes, but not for the reasons that so many think.

Their concern is that an e cigarette may encourage teens and children who are non-smokers to develop an addiction to nicotine.  I agree that this should be  a concern of parents and lawmakers, however, an adult who wishes to go from smoking traditional cigarettes, which include tobacco, and many other toxic substances, to smoking electronic cigarettes, current research has shown that the latter is a better alternative.

A study was made in late 2010 by Michael Siegel at the Boston University School of Public Health suggesting that e-cigarettes may be safer than tobacco cigarettes and that they may possibly be helpful in avoiding diseases that are generally attributed to tobacco smoking. Information about the study was published by the Journal of Public Health Policy in late 2010. More information is on their website.

Here is a statement made by Michael Siegel, School of Public Health, on May 30, 2014:

“There simply is no product on the market that’s more dangerous than tobacco cigarettes, and nobody in their right mind would argue that cigarette smoking is less hazardous or even equally hazardous to vaping.”

Cigarette Toxins
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The chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes were taken into consideration and compared to the chemicals found in electronic cigs. Those found in smokeless cigarettes were not chemicals know to have raised serious health worries in the past. The conclusion (or maybe the assumption) was made that electronic cigarettes are safer than tobacco cigarettes, and although evidence is lacking that smokeless cigarettes are absolutely safe to use,  the level of carcinogenic chemicals are much lower.

The real problem in concluding that e-cigarettes are safer, is the lack of supporting evidence that they are in fact safe. It seems that no one wants to come out and say “electronic cigarettes are safe”, and therefore, they are pleading the 5th.  It has yet to be proven that using smoke-free cigarettes is unhealthy, as has been determined concerning tobacco cigarettes.

It is known, however, that nicotine is addictive and should not be used excessively. Bur carbon monoxide and carcinogens are much lower in electronic cigarettes.

In short, I feel that it is safe to say that the e cigarette is a great revelation for both the habitual, and the occasional smoker. Vaping is not harmful to our environment, and those around you are not suffering from second-hand smoke.

This is the beauty of using an e cigarette. A lot of smoke gets emanated when you use the conventional ones. On the other hand an e cig does not emit smoke at all. This is one of the finest advantages of smoking it.

You might wonder how is that possible! It is simple. A liquid that contains nicotine gets heated by an atomizer and gets converted into nicotine vapor in the process. You as the direct inhaler and the person next to you as the passive inhaler inhale only the vapor and not the hazardous smoke.

Traditional Cigarette Smoke
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As a device, an e cigarette  is tobacco-free as opposed to the traditional cigarette.

It was suggested in the report previously mentioned that smokeless cigarettes may be better at suppressing the cigarette cravings than other smoking cessation devices, such as the nicotine patch. The smokeless cigarette looks and feels like a cigarette and tends to suppress the craving to smoke longer than other devices.

I leave you with this final thought:

This is just a thought that goes through my mind, and since we are in America where there is freedom of speech, I will go ahead and open my big mouth.  Think about all of the tax dollars that this country is losing by smokers making the switch to e-cigarettes. Hmmm??